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mBrain Software has released AstroAlign version 1.10 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.


AstroAlign helps you identify and select the alignment stars your Meade AutoStar, your Orion SynScan and your Sky-Watcher SynScan GOTO telescope needs to accurately align itself.

You select the alignment stars your GOTO telescope proposes, and AstroAlign plots them on a map of the sky. Using the map, you look for the selected star in the night sky, and then center it in the telescope in complete confidence it is the right one.

If you live in a place with a restricted view of the sky, chances are your GOTO telescope will pick an alignment star that is hidden by a building or a tree. AstroAlign will let you define a horizon for all your observation locations. For those locations...


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Pdf+ (the mobile PDF reader)

Pdf+ on the iPad mBrain Software has released Pdf+ version 2.11 for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Version 2.11 improves the iOS 7 support, adds edeting the catalog entries for multiple files, and fixes some bugs.

Pdf+ is the PDF reader you need if you have a lot of PDF documents on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. And it won't look out of place with its fresh iOS 7 looks.

PDF documents have a title, an author, a subject and keywords, and Pdf+ stores this useful information in its builtin catalog. Instead of having to remember lots of meaningless file names, you can see, search for, and open a document based on the title, author, subject and/or keywords. You can even add missing title, author, subject and keyword information to the catalog.


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Pdf+ (for Symbian smartphones)

Pdf+ on the Nokia N97 Pdf+ is a reader for PDF documents, which are also known as Adobe® Acrobat® files. Optimized for mobile phones, Pdf+ is very easy to use, fast, small and packs a lot of features.

You get all the functions you'd expect, such as displaying specific pages, searching, zooming, full screen mode and displaying and following bookmarks and links. Keyboard Shortcuts give quick access to most functions. The built-in help text explains the use of the program in detail, and touch screen devices are fully supported.


Pdf+ is now available for Symbian^3 Belle, Symbian^3 Anna and S60 5th edition devices.

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Latest news

7 August 2014
mBrain Software releases AstroAlign 1.10 for iOS.

5 June 2014
mBrain Software releases AstroAlign 1.01 for iOS.

10 May 2014
mBrain Software releases AstroAlign 1.0 for iOS.

7 October 2013
mBrain Software releases Pdf+ 2.11 for iOS.

27 September 2013
mBrain Software releases Pdf+ 2.10 for iOS.