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The FAQ lists a number of common questions about out products. Please check it first before mailing us.

General question about our products
Questions about our Pdf+ products
Questions about our PdfPrinter products
Questions about our Fonts product
Questions about our FontMachine product


The How-To explain an issue in greater detail than the FAQ.

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E-mail us

If your question is not answered by the FAQ or one of the How-Tos, please contact us by E-mail at support@mbrainsoftware.com.
Please state the which product you are using and the device you are using it on.
If you have a problem with a given PDF document, please attach it to the message too.
If you have a problem with buying one of our products, please say which retailer you have bought the product from.
We try to answer your question as soon as possible, but we do not guarantee a response on the same day. Please use the English, the German or the Dutch language for your questions, answers will be in English (or Dutch, when possible).

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Note: If you can't find what you are looking for in the FAQ or the How-To, please contact us.