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Goin' Dutch (for Series 60 smartphones)

Goin' Dutch (for Series 60 smartphones)

With Goin' Dutch you can easily and quickly calculate how much each person in a party must pay when you share the bill. Whether you go to a concert, on a long weekend to Paris or on holiday to Spain, Goin' Dutch will keep track of expenses.


How does it work? For example, let's assume you are going on a trip to Paris by car.

First, you would create a new event, called Trip to Paris. Our phone uses British Pounds as it's default currency. Most of the way will be in Euro country, so we'll set the currency to Euros, and add the conversion from Pounds to Euros. Later we will see that Goin' Dutch can show the expenses in Pounds too.

Create a new event The defaylt currency is in pounds for this device. Change it to euro's, France's currency. Press the '*'/'+' key for this overview. Fill in the exchange rate between pounds and euro's.

You add the participants to this trip. A participants must be one of your contacts. You can add participants to your contacts from within the program.

Add a participant. Select contact "Johanna' as a participant Initial entry for a participant ... for Ravenna.

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When a participant pays for something, you add the expense to the event, attributing the expense to the paying person.

Add an expense. Ravenna has paid for the petrol

You can see how much the event has cost up to now, how much everybody has paid so far, who owes who and how much, and each individual expense.

The trip has cost so far 129.35 euro which is about 32 euro per person The amount each person has paid so far The program calculates who owes how much and to whom You can see and edit each individual expense

You close the event after the trip. You can then tell everybody at once much they need to pay or how much they get back. You can show the expenses and payouts both in Pounds and in Euros.

The trip is over. Notice a different event, with pounds as the currency. No need to calculate... ... but we want to pay back in pounds... ... which as easy as choosing from a menu.

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  • Lenovo P930
  • Nokia N90
  • Nokia N72
  • Nokia N70
  • Nokia 7650
  • Nokia 7610
  • Nokia 6682
  • Nokia 6681
  • Nokia 6680
  • Nokia 6670
  • Nokia 6630
  • Nokia 6620
  • Nokia 6600
  • Nokia 6260
  • Nokia 3660
  • Nokia 3650
  • Nokia 3620
  • Nokia 3230
  • Nokia N-Gage QD
  • Nokia N-Gage
  • Panasonic X800
  • Panasonic X700
  • Samsung SGH-D730
  • Samsung SGH-D720
  • Sendo X
  • Siemens SX1

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You can download the free demo version [.sis file, 32 Kb] of Goin' Dutch (for Series 60 Smartphones). This demo version limits you to

Goin' Dutch is distributed under this license [.txt file, 5 Kb]. You need to accept the license before you can install Goin' Dutch.

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Goin' Dutch (USD 4.95 excluding VAT)
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Designed for S60

Version: 1.01
Available in: English and Dutch.

Cost: USD 4.95 (excl. VAT) Sales price vary due to different VAT rates, local laws and exchange rates.

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