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FontMachine (for Psion and compatibles)

With FontMachine (for Psion and compatibles) you can use industry standard, scalable outline fonts, such as True TypeŽ and AdobeŽ Type 1 fonts on most EPOC PDA's.

In programs that allow you to choose fonts, such as Word, Sheet and Data, and a number of third-party applications, you can use not only the limited range of EPOC bit map fonts, but any font that is to your liking.

Add the appropriate fonts and you can use these fonts on your PDA as well as on your PC, use ding bats instead of Sketch for a small drawing, or simply enjoy your favourite font wherever you are. You can even use specialist fonts such as these barcode and mathematical fonts or these foreign language fonts.

FontMachine is also very fast. You will hardly notice the difference between using bit map fonts and fully scalable fonts on your PDA.

Note: FontMachine (for Psion and Compatibles) does not contain the actual font files.

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You can buy FontMachine (for Psion and compatibles) at these websites:

European websites

Buy at Mobile2Day at Mobile2Day using Electronic Software Download Upgrades?

US websites

Buy at Handango at Handango using Electronic Software Download Upgrades?

Directly from mBrain Software

without credit card by ordering directly from mBrain Software.
You can also buy site licenses.

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Version: 1.05

Available in: English, French, German and Dutch.

Cost: EUR 18.49 excluding VAT

Sales prices vary due to different VAT rates, local laws and exchange rates.