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About mBrain Software

mBrain Software was formed in December 2000 by Sander van der Wal. With over 25 years of development experience, which began with handheld calculators in the 1970s, his expertise extended through mainframes and minis in the 1980s, mini's and personal computers in the 1990s as well as comprehensive system design and project management.


mBrain Software specialises in smartphone program design and implementation. We create, sell and license our own programs to consumers, businesses and device manufactures.
Our current product range consists of

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Symbian Affiliate Partner mBrain Software is a Symbian Affiliate Partner.
Software for Wireless
Excelbian provides us with support services.
IIT IIT and mBrain Software sell a bundle consisting of Pdf+ (for S60 3rd edition smartphones) and 5 E-guides.
MobiConsult MobiConsult provides us with strategic advice.

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mBrain Software can also help you with the various aspects of iOS app development. Contact Sander van der Wal for more information.